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"Sen ve Ben" EP - Out Now (LNDKHN)

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hello, friends and fellow music enthusiasts. I want to invite you on an intimate journey behind the scenes of my latest creation, the "Sen ve Ben" EP. This project has been a labor of love, with each track representing a chapter of my musical evolution.

The EP's inception began a few years ago, born from countless hours in the studio, blending sounds, emotions, and memories.

Man and woman staring at each other through a mirror

Delving into "Sen ve Ben"

"Sen ve Ben," the titular track of the EP, is particularly close to my heart. It's a product of my soul, with lyrics inspired by the profound poetry of Kahlil Gibran, exploring the depths of friendship. Adding my vocals to this piece was a transformative experience, making the track a deeply personal reflection of my inner self. The fusion of indie dance and electronica, peppered with Middle Eastern influences, creates a unique soundscape that I hope resonates with you as much as it does with me.

"Come Back": The Energetic Pulse

Another jewel in the EP is "Come Back," which encapsulates a more vibrant and energetic facet of my sound. This track is a rhythmic celebration, a call to poignant narrative of two souls yearning for reunion It's a melodic testament to the magnetic pull that draws two people back to each other, despite time and distance. The lyrics and rhythm encapsulate the emotions of longing, remembrance, and the inevitable reunion, creating a story many can resonate with.

The Remixes: A Fresh Perspective

While the original tracks hold their own charm, the remixes bring a fresh dimension to the EP. The renowned Yotam Avni has graced the EP with his unique touch, offering a remix that encapsulates his signature sound while paying homage to the original.

Additionally, I've crafted the "Midnight Rush Remix," for "Come Back" where I experimented and played with the track's essence making it an even more energetic club track.

Global Echoes

The joy of hearing "Sen ve Ben" echoing in renowned venues and festivals worldwide is indescribable. From Landikhan's set at Pacha Ibiza to MOM's performance at After Burn, and Gespona's showcase at the Bucht Der Träumer festival, the EP has traveled far and wide. Its inclusion in prominent Spotify playlists further amplifies its reach. The premiere on Soundcloud pages of trdnmsk and Deep House Spain also introduced my work to a broader audience and connecting with listeners from different corners of the world.

A Visual Treat: "Sen ve Ben" Video Clip

To bring the auditory experience of "Sen ve Ben" to life visually, I'm in the process of producing a video clip. Envisioned as a spiritual and intimate journey bathed in passionate red hues, this video will be a feast for the senses, complementing the track's deep emotional essence.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Music, in its purest form, bridges hearts, and through "Sen ve Ben," I hope to create many such bridges.

Stay tuned, stay connected,

Berkay Mete

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