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Hallelujah EP (Shango Records) ft Big Z, Doga Erbek, Ahau

Greetings music enthusiasts!

I am thrilled to announce the release of my latest EP, "Hallelujah," now available on all major streaming platforms. This EP is not just a collection of tracks; it's a journey through soundscapes inspired by the divine and the spiritual.

It's thrilling to see tracks from the EP making their mark in the Beatport Organic-House/Downtempo Hype Tracks and Juno Download Deep-House charts. The response from listeners and critics alike has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm grateful for the journey this EP is on.

The Inspiration Behind "Hallelujah"

"Hallelujah" is a project born out of my fascination with the mystical and the sacred. Each track in this EP is imbued with elements that resonate with the soul. The use of church samples across the EP sets a unique tone, combining traditional sounds with modern electronic music.

The Tracks

1. Hallelujah (Original Mix): The title track, "Hallelujah," is a perfect introduction to the EP. It features Arabic Orthodox Byzantine vocals, layered over dreamy pads and synths, creating an otherworldly experience.

2. Deca Na Kosmosa (Original Mix): Translating to "Children Of Space" in English, this track features a Bulgarian church choir hymn. The hymn, combined with rhythmic elements, synths, pads, and a captivating solo, takes the listener on an auditory exploration of the cosmos.

The Collaborations

Collaboration is the heart of creativity, and I am fortunate to work with some incredible artists on this EP. Special thanks to @dogaerbek, @le_bigz_official, and @ahaumusic for their mesmerizing remixes. Each artist brings a unique flavor to the EP, enhancing the original compositions.

Gratitude to Shango Records

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Shango Records (@shangorecords). Their support and belief in my vision have been instrumental in bringing "Hallelujah" to life.


  1. Berkay Mete - Hallelujah (Original Mix)

  2. Berkay Mete - Deca Na Kosmosa (Original Mix)

  3. Berkay Mete - Hallelujah (BigZ Remix)

  4. Berkay Mete - Hallelujah (BigZ Dub)

  5. Berkay Mete - Hallelujah (Doga Erbek Remix)

  6. Berkay Mete - Deca Na Kosmosa (Ahau Remix)

The feedback from music professionals has been heartwarming:

  1. SABO (SOL SELECTAS RECORDS): Praised the Doga Erbek remix.

  2. SOLAR KINGS (Various Records): Enjoyed the Dub edit.

  3. THE BIG KAMINSKI (LIQUID RADIO VIENNA): Loved the release and BigZ's sound signature.

  4. CHRIS GREENWOOD (THE GLOBAL GLITCH RADIO SHOW): Complimented the EP's solid tracks and beautiful remixes.

  5. ZISIS D (Various Records): Favoured the original "Hallelujah" and BIGz remix.

  6. ALEX SOULBRIGADA (SOULBRIGADA RECORDS): Admired both originals.

  7. AUDIO DROPOUT (MECANOPLASTICA RECORDS): Highlighted the Doga Erbek and Ahau remixes.

"Hallelujah" is an expression of my deepest artistic endeavors. I invite you to join me in this sonic adventure, where ancient chants meet modern beats. Listen, share, and lose yourself in the transcendent melodies of "Hallelujah."

Until next time, keep the music playing!

Listen here:

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