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DJ Set for Disko Bizarro @Dr Morse 03/01/23

Dear friends and fans,

As we navigate through August, I find myself reflecting on a phenomenal night from earlier this year. The memorable Disko Bizarro night at Dr. Morse that took place in February, a night that still echoes in my heart. My apologies for the late update; the world of music can be a whirlwind!

Listen here:

When I stepped onto the Disko Bizarro stage on that February night, my intention was to create a journey rooted in my distinctive style yet maintaining the classic allure of Disco. I could feel that we were all set for an adventure that would stay with us long after the night ended. I had the privelege of sharing the stage with Salvador Ricardo, Charles Carusso and Ex Ponto.

The set ignited with a nostalgic trip back to the golden days of Turkish music, exploring classic disco tracks from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The timeless beats and rhythm of these tracks set the tone for the night, creating an aura of warm nostalgia and musical passion.

As the night progressed, the journey meandered through the dynamic landscape of House, including some of my own remixes. The crowd's energy while dancing to these beats was infectious.

Our adventure didn’t stop at the borders of Turkey, it ventured across the globe, delving into the sonic richness of Japanese, Brazilian, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, and Moroccan tracks. This eclectic blend blurred boundaries and created a shared sonic experience that transcended language and culture.

The set traversed the realms of Electronica, Indie Dance, House, Disco, Folk, Afro and beyond, weaving a vibrant tapestry of sound that kept the energy hyped from start to finish.

Looking back, it's the shared moments, the mutual energy, and the universal language of music that stand out. The late-night beats, the infectious rhythm, and the collective joy that we experienced together at Dr. Morse on that February night will remain in my memory.

Thank you for your continued support, and I promise to share more memorable nights with you.

Until the next beat,

Berkay Mete

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