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MFO - Ali Desidero ( Berkay Mete Edit)

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

A Tribute to Ozkan UGUR: Berkay Mete's Edit of 'Ali Desidero' by MFO

The original track is a unique blend of storytelling and music, a song that resonates with people on many levels. It tells a story that doesn't necessarily go anywhere, much like the everyday encounters we have in life. It's a song that could be described as a sketch, providing a brief narrative about common types of people we come across in daily life.

"Ali Desidero" is more than just a sketch. It's considered one of the first popular examples of Turkish rap, with its roots in the organic foundation laid by the band Cartel in 1991. The song, part of MFÖ's 1990 album "Geldiler," is a clear attempt at rap.

Berkay Mete's edit of "Ali Desidero" pays tribute to this unique piece of music history, adding his unique indie dance flair to the track. The edit also pays tribute to Ozkan Ugur, a dynamic member of the band MFO, who sadly passed away recently.

The song's lyrics reflect the cultural and social differences in 90s Turkey, providing a mirror to the society of the time. On one hand, there's the crude definition of tradition corrupted by the city, and on the other, there's the educated social group striving to be European.

Berkay Mete's edit of "Ali Desidero" is a celebration of this unique piece of music, a tribute to the late Ozkan UGUR, and a gift to music lovers everywhere. It's a testament to the power of music to tell stories, evoke emotions, and pay tribute to those who have left a lasting impact on our lives.

This dance edit of the groovy Turkish Disco-Pop track "Ali Desidero" by MFO is not just any edit; it's a vibrant, energetic reinterpretation that infuses a different perspective into the track.

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