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Kulampara Records

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Kulampara Records: A Celebration of Transcendental Electronic Grooves

Kulampara is a label formed after the Melbourne based event night Klub Kulampara.

It's the Melbourne outlet of Istanbul’s Berkay Mete: a celebration of transcendental electronic grooves from Anatolia and beyond.

The label was born out of the event night Klub Kulampara, a vibrant gathering that combines traditional sounds and performances with new electronic sounds and visual experiences inspired by the Middle East. This fusion of old and new, traditional and modern, creates a unique sonic experience that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Klub Kulampara brings soul to the Melbourne Indie dance scene by combining traditional sounds and performances with new electronic sounds and visual experiences inspired by the Middle East.

Kulampara Records recently celebrated a significant milestone with its first vinyl release. This release features a diverse collection of indie dance artists, including Fattish, Berkay Mete, Kolago Kult, and Schnell Schnell. Each artist brings their unique style and perspective to the tracks, creating a rich tapestry of sounds that encapsulate the essence of Kulampara Records.

The first vinyl release, titled "Anatolian Treasure Vol 1," features the following tracks:

  • A1: "Song Of The Blue" by DJ Fattish

  • A2: "Navigate" by Berkay Mete

  • B1: "Mythical Pilgrim" by Kolago Kult

  • B2: "Iklıg" by Schnell Schnell Music

This release marks a significant step for Kulampara Records, showcasing the label's commitment to promoting diverse and innovative sounds. It's a testament to the label's vision of celebrating and sharing the rich musical heritage of Anatolia and beyond, and a promise of more exciting releases to come.

Listen to the preview:

Behind the Scenes of Berkay Mete's 'Turkish Market'

Music often comes to us in the most unexpected ways. For Berkay Mete, the melody for his track "Turkish Market" came to him in a dream. He found himself in a vibrant and psychedelic Turkish market, a dream so vivid that he woke up with the melody ringing in his ears.

Berkay is known for his ability to blend instrumental world sounds with various scales, creating a unique sonic signature. His track "Turkish Market" is no exception. The melody that came to him in a dream was just the beginning. After waking up, Berkay started building the track by adding drums, pads, and other elements, bringing the sounds and colors of his dream to life.

"Turkish Market" is a celebration of Berkay's Turkish roots, a sonic journey into a vibrant and colorful market filled with the sounds, smells, and colors of Turkey. It's a track that transports listeners to a different place, a different time, a different reality.

The track features remixes by Leonor and Anatolian Weapons, two artists who bring their unique perspectives to the track. Leonor, known for her ability to blend different musical styles, adds a unique twist to the track by blending in Indian vocals. This fusion of Turkish and Indian sounds creates a unique sonic experience that is both familiar and new.

Anatolian Weapons, on the other hand, heats things up with his Acid Remix. Known for his eclectic taste in music, Anatolian Weapons adds a layer of intensity to the track, turning up the heat and adding a new dimension to the track.

"Turkish Market" is more than just a track. It's a journey, a dream brought to life through music. It's a testament to Berkay Mete's creativity and his ability to bring his dreams to life through his music. It's a track that invites listeners to step into Berkay's dream, to experience the vibrant and psychedelic world of a Turkish market, and to lose themselves in the music.

Listen to the album:

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