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Berkay Mete, a native of Cappadocia, Turkey, is a DJ, Producer, and Label Owner who has been captivated by the rhythm of life since his early years and moving to Istanbul laid the foundation for his future in music. Berkay's journey began at high school parties and expanded to various venues in Istanbul, from restaurants and bars to clubs. His performances for diverse crowds in different settings honed his taste in music and gave him invaluable insights into the art of DJing.His ability to understand and connect with people from different backgrounds became one of his greatest strengths, enabling him to read audiences and venues with ease. 


As an artist releasing music through Shango Records, LNDKHN, Kosa Musica, General Purpose, and his own label, Kulampara, Berkay brings his Eastern-influenced productions to a bed of heavy electronica and indie dance. His unique sound, a fusion of instrumental world sounds and various scales, has received support from renowned artists like Les Yeux Orange, Cornelius Doctor, Zigan Aldi, Que Sakamoto, Rina, Landikhan, FalscherHase, Omri Smadar, The Organism, and many more.


In the early 2010s, Berkay developed an interest in after clubs, leading him to perform at renowned Istanbul venues like Koma, Machine, Cosmique Room, and Kloster. His move to Melbourne, Australia, marked a new chapter in his musical journey, where he began finding his unique sound in his productions. His music resonates deeply with his audience, creating a special frequency that stems from his deepest thoughts and feelings.


Berkay's sets are a dynamic fusion of instrumental grooves, electronica, and indie dance. His wide-ranging background and knowledge in music allow him to surprise his audience with a diverse range of genres, from lesser-known old songs and tracks from different cultures to 90s house trance. His performances are a dynamic dialogue between him and the crowd, shaped by their mutual communication


Following the success of Klub Kulampara, Berkay formed his record label, Kulampara Records. As he continues to refine his unique sound, he looks forward to connecting with new people and sharing his passion for music with the world.

His journey beautifully illustrates his unyielding faith in the ability of music to unite individuals, a belief that has been with him since his early years and continues to significantly impact his career in the music industry.

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